Questions for the Frankfurt Book Fair.pngAs I have mentioned, I will be going to the Frankfurt Book Fair this year and one of the main topics is going to be Selfpublishing.
Since I know how difficult it can be to get information on the subject and there are just some questions you want to know, but maybe can’t come yourself, I’m offering a solution.

Post your questions here or on my facebook page and during my time at the fair I’ll try to have professionals in the Selfpublishing-Industry answer you’re questions!

I can’t promise to get all the answers, but I will do my best and write a full review, which I will be linking here and on facebook.

Questions can be posted up to the 9th of Oktober.

Frankfurt Book fair
October 22-23
Frankfurt am Main




Past events

Annie Blackweather's Writing Challenge

A lot of authors have brandished their pens and keyboards to concur the challenge of NaNoWriMo, but what comes after that?
Most of us set out to do a lengthy novel and after 30 days of insanity, most of us find out just how short a 50k word novel can really be. No where near the plot-point and still so much story to tell!
So for the those of us who want to keep it up and make it to that illustrious finish, I propose the following: Let’s make a challenge for ourselves. My proposition is that we set a goal and make our own little finish line. For those of us who just can’t stop until their story is out there.

Though we won’t be having nifty prizes, what better prize can there be, but a finished work in your hands. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as that feeling of achievement.
Why set ourselves to just one month when we can have all the time we need to really make writing the most enjoyable habit in the world?

So starting on the 1st of August, right after CampNaNoWriMo, I’ll be starting this event.

Sit down in your personal writing area and continue writing, or just get started. Whenever you write, even if it is just a few words, comment here and tell others how you’ve done or just look at others posts to inspire yourself to get down to working your keyboard or pen to the bone!

You can post anything from wordcount to the number of chapters, if you did some plotting or even the story part you’re in. Once you’re done with your work, you can simply stop posting or tell the world you finished that elusive first draft!

Watch how others stive to write aswell, make writing a habit and let’s all reach that goal of a finished work in our hands at the end. And most importantly: have fun while doing it.

(Hurtful comments etc. will be deleted. We want a fun and encouraging atmosphere here!)