Newsletter and book reviews

Sine a few friends of mine are starting a facebook page for our writing group and I will e doing some book reviews for them in German, I’ve decided that I’ll be posting them here in English. I tend to read lesser known books, so you may find some hidden gems here 😉

Also a small reminder, only a few days left to sign up for my newsletter and get the first scoop on the plot of my upcoming book!



Writing weekend-progress

I spent the entire weekend writing with some of my friends. We managed to write well over 30k words and I got another chapter of “Heartbreak Cupid” finished!

Can’t wait to get it finished and edited for publishing.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far and will do so in the future! You all keep me writing and exploring new ideas, so I can take you on a journey into my own fantasy worlds!


Kimono Basar



Went to a kimono Basar/trade with some friends today and used the opportunity to talk “kimono” with some professional teachers.

Will be implementing some of the info I learned today in my upcoming book “The art of kitsuke-A guide to making and wearing kimono”.

Will be posting some pictures from the upcoming shooting for the book next month!