Sneak Peeks

Annie Blackweather (1)

Whenever a book is about to come out, or I just can’t keep the plot to myself anymore, I’ll be giving you sneak peaks to my up and coming works! It can be anything from a book cover to the first lines or even chapters.

So check this page regularly for the newest info!

Heartbreak Cupid

A rogue Cupid, a villainous cat and a grumpy angel- whats a girl to do?

The Fates have controlled the world for centuries, but now, they have a force even they can’t control messing with the fabric of fate.

A rogue Cupid is going around and killing off the Fates heartbreak angels, beings specifically made to be able to break a Cupids spell if it messes with the fate of the world. Without them, the Fates have no chance of guiding the world and making everything go their way.

Desperate, they see themselves pushed to only one option, as the existing heartbreaks are being killed: protect the next generation.

Sharon Bay is just that. Plagued by a stalking ex-boyfriend, a jealous boss and other problems, she has sworn off of anything male that isn’t her cat. The young restaurateur just wants to be locked up at her office in the museum and work away at spectacular art, but the Fates have other things in mind.

Sending out Devon, one of their more seasoned heartbreak angels, they force him to guard her and into the most awkward situations, all while he tries to stay as emotionally unattached to her as possible. After all, if one of his kind were to fall in love, the Fates would see to it, that they died…permanently.

Can he protect her from the Cupid, does she even want to be saved and can he pull it off without falling for the quirky female or will he die trying?…